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Database updated on March 1, 2010

A physical map of the wheat D genome is being constructed using the diploid species, Aegilops tauschii (the donor of the D genome). To manipulate and to facilitate viewing the fingerprinting and BAC-marker hybridization data, WheatDB - a physical mapping database built on the PostgreSQL database system - has been constructed. WheatDB is designed to store the clone fingerprints, profiles generated by a capillary Genetic Analyzer, integrated markers, and information on contigs. To facilitate easy and interactive data access to WheatDB, a Java-based client-server software system, WheatDB Browser and corresponding web tools such as FPC Web Viewer, Clone Trace File Viewer, Clone Fingerprint Viewer have been developed. By using WheatDB Browser and web tools, users can view and search integrated information on BACs, fingerprint profiles, BAC-clone integration, and contigs.

WheatDB was initiated as part of a previous NSF-funded project( Assessment of the insular organization of the wheat D genome by physical mapping; PI: J Dvorak (UC Davis); NSF DBI Award 0077766; 09/01/00 – 08/31/04;) and is being expanded upon by the current NSF-funded project ( Physical mapping of the wheat D genome; PI: J Dvorak (UC Davis); NSF DBI Award 0701916; 09/01/08 – 08/31/11). Physical mapping projects for several other crop species have adopted and used the automated, high-throughput fingerprinting techniques developed at UC Davis and relational databases for these projects including fingerprint data, and contig maps can be browsed here at WheatDB as well.